Dextrain develops manual dexterity technology and machine learning analysis to improve neuro-recovery and prediction, enhancing daily life of millions of individuals


Dextrain develops medical technology for diagnosis and treatment of hand impairments based on neuroscience.

We focus on translating science into clinical practice by developing clinically useful, affordable and accurate technology and digital tools.

We provide rehabilitation solutions for orthopedics and neuro-rehabilitation that promote manual dexterity recovery, prediction and prevention, contributing to independence in activities of daily living and quality of life.


Dextrain Manipulandum

Based on our neuro-rehabilitation and neuroscience experience we developed a panel of visuo-motor and audio-motor training exercises aiming to optimize the recovery of key dexterity components. These exercises allow precision measurement and intense training of finger movements unparalleled in the field. All exercises provide on-line performance feedback and results. Challenging training programs are personalized to the individual’s needs and level of performance. High intensity and motivational practice maximizes brain plasticity and recovery.

Dextrain Homecare

The assessment of the dexterity components and cognitive-motor processes involved have been adapted to a tablet app. The tasks focus on the accuracy, timing and variability of fine finger movements. With this light version, we aim to make continued rehabilitation accessible for patients, both in the clinical and in the home setting. The app allows quick and easy evaluation of dexterity impairments and cognitive-motor functions. By continuously updating the normative data collected we will refine and develop new methods aiding diagnosistherapy monitoring and prognosis for a wide range of pathologies affecting the motor and cognitive nervous systems.


« Post-stroke rehabilitation needs to be intense to be efficient and Dextrain therapy provides intense therapy targeting multiple components of dexterity »

EG, Occupational therapist

« Dextrain Manipulandum it is an innovative tool that allows us to go further in the rehabilitation of manual dexterity »

– CD, Occupational therapist

« Dextrain has changed my life. Thanks to Dextrain I can put on contact lenses, make up, write, brush my teeth. Very silly things that matter.  »

– TB, Patient

They trust us