Dextrain measures clinically appropriate key metrics identified by neuroscience research, clinical studies and collaboration with doctors and therapists:

Unique Accuracy: because accuracy is key when you want to propose an effective therapy program.

Quantification of manual dexterity components. In contrast to most clinically used scales that are ordinal and subjective, Dextrain provides objective metrics. This offers enhanced precision for diagnosis and follow-up.  It is the first and only way to obtain accurate multicomponent dexterity profiling.

Impairment detection: Dextrain’s products makes it possible to detect even subtle dexterity impairments.

« The same tool can be used for assessment and rehabilitation which is an advantage for the clinic. It also allows patients to get used to the tool for the assessment phase and have a more rapid and efficient rehabilitation »

– SH, Rehabilitation Physician, head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

The Dextrain Manipuladum is the only device which permits measurement and training of independent finger movements:

Personalized-training of manual dexterity. The multiple components measured allow identification of individual profiles of neurological hand impairments. This permits design of patient-tailored training programs.

Large span of exercises difficulty, from very simple exercises (for patients with small finger movements) to very difficult dexterity ones (even for pianists).

Cognitive involvement in exercises. Performance of the games requires concentration and different cognitive functions (attention, working memory, short-term memory).

Dextrain will provide evolving protocols based on Machine Learning

Easy to use software with suggested protocols to apply self-training and reporting with a remote supervision process (start self training in clinic and pursue at home)

Collaborative platform and updated training protocols

Autonomous and engaging training. Patients perform training autonomously in clinic or at home. Fun exercises motivate users to keep improving and encourage high intensity training.